Atwater Village Bike Map

Flickr photo via Atwater Village Newbie

The weather outside is delightful, why not hop on a bike and take a tour of the LA River in Atwater Village?

The map below might be about four years old (it’s from a 2006 Metro map), but until we build our own interactive Google map of the bike route, plus photos, and your favorite lookout points… it works for now!

Click to download full PDF of LA bike paths

The good news? The bike path along the LA River is a very bike-friendly route! Blue lines are deemed Class I bike paths (off-road paved bike path completely designed for bicycles). Pink lines are Class II bike lanes (on-road, one way striped bike lane), and green lines are Class III bike routes for on-road bike lanes through high-demand corridors. There was also a DIY bike path on Fletcher a couple of years ago, but we’ll have to see if that’s still up and running.

You can also check out the image below for the Los Angeles Bicycle Plan draft, which does show a (at least partial) bike lane across Fletcher and Hyperion. Green lines indicate a bike path, red a bike lane, dark blue a bike route, and light blue a bike-friendly street.

Click on image to download full pdf

1 comment to Atwater Village Bike Map

  • Dave Duce

    A bike lane is desperately needed uphill on Glendale Blvd over the (Victory?) Bridge from Atwater Village to Silver Lake.

    As a cycling commuter and recreational rider in LA for more than ten years I am very pleased with the investment of time and resources the City of LA (including individuals and supporting organizations) has committed to making riding a bike easier and safer in the City. Thank you all.

    I know there have been extensive studies and bike counting days which I am sad to say I have not participated in, however there are some obvious additions to the bike plan that could make it better by joining existing lanes/routes.

    One such place is the uphill lane of Glendale Blvd. going over the LA River/5 Freeway. There is a large median strip that could be moved to the West Side of the road eliminating a blind corner for cars and giving uphill cyclists a better chance of survival. (Affectionally called the Rusnak Speedway) Please take this suggestion into consideration before it becomes a memorial bike lane. Many High School students use this route.

    With the new and much improved bike plan I hope that more people will realize that LA can be a great city to ride in.

    Thanks again.

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