CRA postpones the NELA River Corridor project

An email from the CRA/LA NELA team today announced the postponement of any further actions involved in the NELA River Corridor Study. What does that mean? The California Redevelopment Agency has been looking at areas in Northeast LA, including parts of Atwater Village along the river, for redevelopment. The full email reads as follows:

Dear NELA Community Stakeholder,

The CRA/LA NELA Staff would like to inform you that that we are postponing further activities in the NELA River Corridor Study Area until further notice. Currently the State Legislator is reviewing a budget proposed by Governor Brown which includes the elimination of redevelopment agencies statewide (see 2011-2012 Governor’s Budget Summary, pages 28 and 168-172). Our agency will have a better understanding on the future of redevelopment activities and how this may affect the CRA/LA NELA River Corridor Study Area once budget discussions are finalized.

We will include more details about CRA/LA NELA efforts in our next newsletter. Please stay tuned as budget discussions evolve. We thank you for your continued interest.

The redevelopment of Atwater Village have been a controversial issue since the redevelopment team declared parts of the community “blighted.” Business owner, resident, and author of Atwater Village News, Luis Lopez has been particularly vocal against the redevelopment plans. “We here in Atwater Village know that our community is not “blighted” nor has it fallen into disrepair or decay, as CRA/LA would want us to believe. Our community is very much alive and vibrant in every aspect.”

We’ll keep an eye out on things and see if redevelopment agencies will cease to exist, taking the NELA River Corridor Study along with it.

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