Scottish-themed gastropub replacing Kama Sushi in Atwater Village

Kama Sushi shut its doors in the last couple of months, likely because it wasn’t exactly a Yelpers dream sushi spot. The closure and recent construction spurred a flurry of rumors about what would replace it, but now we can put those rumors to rest.

Behind the new restaurant are Marc Kreiner, Charles Lew, and Alex Kagianaris of the popular burger and beer restaurant Stout. Lew was inspired by his Scottish heritage, thus was born the Scotch-centric gastropub they are calling The Morrison.

“I wanted to do a restaurant that would pay homage to Scotland and show my appreciation for the time I spent growing up there and the people including my mother Agnes Morrison who make the country so special. It’s a culture very rich in tradition and possessing of some incredible culinary fare. Look for a modern interpretation of some true Highland kitchen favorites in an atmosphere that tastefully blends tradition with modern day comforts,” said Lew in an email.

Spacecraft is behind the new design, which is described as a “modern minimalist interpretation” (see the renderings below). Like most new restaurants, no word on an opening date, but we’ll keep on it!

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