Atwater Village Chamber expresses concerns over post office parking

If you’ve been to the local Griffith Station Post Office to drop off your mail the last few months, you may be in a parking lot battle that rivals any LA area Trader Joe’s.

Yet it wasn’t always like that – the post office now offers only ten parking spots after budget cuts over this summer eliminated its lease of an adjacent parking lot. Those 20 extra parking space, which was up for sale in July, are collecting dead leaves behind a fence, completely unused.

The Atwater Village Chamber of Commerce is fed up with the traffic and safety issues the lack of parking has caused, which during the busy times of the day at the Post Office causes issues on Glendale Boulevard. In a letter to Councilmember Eric Garcetti, the Chamber expresses these concerns:

The parking lot is often in a state of anarchy, with cars stopped in the red zone by the mailboxes and cars piled up on Glendale… sometimes four deep… waiting to make a right into the lot. Adding to the anarchy frustrated postal customers often idle their cars in a live lane on Glendale Blvd to post a letter. In addition, pedestrians are often caught is the crosshairs as they try to cross the Blvd to Revere St.

Something needs to be done now to address this important safety issue. The Chamber urges the immediate posting of a Traffic Enforcement Officer on site to help direct traffic and cite offenders as needed; and for the long term we urge working with the Postal Service to find a long-term solution.

Do long lines both inside and outside the local post office keep you from going there?

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  • Much of the traffic could be relieved if they would reposition the drop off mailboxes to face the post office (they now face the street) and make the entry one way so that people can pull up and drop their mail in the box, or (if they need to go inside) park in front of the building. This is done at the Edendale facility (at Glendale/Alvarado) and works well.

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