Atwater Village Art Walk coming up this weekend!

Today is the last day to submit artwork for the Atwater Art Walk, to be held on Saturday, May 14 along Glendale Blvd.from 5-10 pm.

While this is not the first art walk for Atwater Village, it’s the first annual art walk hosted by this particular group. More from the organizers:

We all have a story. Every one of us. We live in a city of stories. Over 12 million of them. In this year’s first annual Atwater Village Art Walk, we hope for two things. Firstly, we hope to create a space that celebrates our different stories through the art of our eclectic backgrounds. Secondly, it is our deeper hope that the Art Walk doesn’t end with the simple sharing of stories. We hope that through our art we develop new relationships with people different than ourselves. This is where my story and your story intersect to create our story. Please join us as co-authors in making our story in Los Angeles more meaningful.

If you have some artwork to submit (photography, paint and sculpture – no larger than 4ft x 4ft), make sure to submit your artwork by 4:59 pm tonight (Tuesday, May 10)! There’s a $1,000 grand prize (along with other prizes)! Submit your artwork by clicking here.

55 Degree Wine, Revo Café and Kaldi will be hosting the artwork and live music, and food trucks will be located in the 55 Degree Wine parking lot.

See you there!

Email Nick Warnes at for more info.