Tom O’Shanter is turning 90 – yep, 90!

Tom O’Shanter is not just a hub for locals – it’s historical. And it’s a reminder that our little neighborhood is also pretty darn old! It’s a place to drink some local brews, grab some haggis if that’s your thing, and just take in the practically ancient (for Los Angeles especially) cottage/tutor style building where Walt Disney once hung out and many, many films and TV shows are filmed.

If you’ve never been, the restaurant’s 90th anniversary celebration is a good excuse. The party is on June 22, 2012, and space is highly limited. They’re serving up a special 90th Anniversary menu including a two course Prime Rib special, 90 cent desserts, and a more of the “Tam” classics. But dinner reservations are already sold out, so make sure to call (like, now) for your reservation! Ale & Sandwich Bar seating will be on a first come first serve basis.

They’ll also have a “Los Angeles Recognition Ceremony” at 4:30pm, including 1920s Model A Cars, and image galleries of the restaurant. Pick up a handmade anniversary collector’s mug for $15 each and four designs to choose from.

Call 323.664.0228 for reservations.

Bill’s Liquor: Mix-and-Match six packs

This is a re-post from our new blogging endeavor, Girls Who Like Beer.

It looks like any other liquor store from the outside – large posters advertising the lottery, 18-pack Budweiser, and cigarette specials plastering the windows along the sidewalk. But head to the far wall inside Bill’s Liquor in Atwater Village and we’ve got ourselves a little mini beer heaven.

And we’re always on the lookout for a good deal, hence our new Friday tradition to pick up a mix-n-match six pack of microbrews at Bill’s. $9.99 per size pack (plus CRV, tax, bla bla bla) isn’t exactly the most stellar deal – it used to be $8.99 – it still gives us (and beer novices) a chance to try something we haven’t had yet, one bottle at a time. And they do rotate some of the beers to keep you on your toes.

Today we picked up a couple of Scrimshaws, Humboldt Brown, Abita Turbodog, Hangar 24 Alt-Bier, and Celis Grand Crux. The Celis Grand Crux is new to me – claiming to be authentic belgian-style ale (a bit of an oxymoron), it’s drinkable but a little too heavy on the orange peel for my tastes. On to Abita Turbo, and English brown ale and apparently a favorite of the New Orleans crew. I just can’t seem to escape the dark beers these days!

Work is just so much better with beer.

Our crystal ball says this is going to be a new trend for larger liquor stores in the area.

A great variety of refrigerated beers

The "mix-n-match" section

Santosha Space takes up new diggs

Santosha Space opened its doors in January of 2011 in a 2500 square foot space on Glendale Boulevard, in a space directly across the street from the Atwater Village Post Office and the Branch Library. Owner Cat Macary is a former Atwater Village resident, now in neighboring Silver Lake. She took over the former marijuana dispensary, made some drastic repairs (apparently the roof had a few issues!), and “took the steps to manifest my dream to create a cool, uplifting community space for all to be welcome, chill out and relax!” she told us in an email.

But starting today, Santosha Space has a new home. They have partnered up with the fairly new Metro Fitness Gym on Glendale Boulevard and Valleybrink Road. “Santosha Space will be running its classes and events from the beautiful new fitness room attached to Metro Fitness. Our new space is twice the size of our old studio and has ample parking as well as a few hours of daycare available for busy parents,” they said in an email. “Daycare is an extra fee and parking is free!”

A while back, Cat told us about what Santosha Space has to offer that would differentiate it from all the other Yoga classes in the area (of which there are many!):

We like to believe that we are a space where people can linger, make friends, get inspired, heal and have a good time! Everyone that comes to Santosha Space is welcome to join a space that is here for them as their second Home, their little sanctuary from pressure, Ego, judgment and struggle. We strive to offer nurturing classes, healing treatment sessions, cool products, fresh healthy water all within a creative, ever expanding space.

And from what we know about Santosha, that won’t change! But some changes have been made to a couple of schedules, so be sure to check the studio’s website for more details.

Santosha offers Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini, Soul and Mixed Flow, Kid’s Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Basics, Family Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Mom and Me Classes, as well as a special on-line community for mom’s and their families called AUM MAMA. Santosha is also active in the community, for instance participating in the Summer/Autumn Nights on the Boulevard.

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Atwater Village brewery taps its first kegs

Atwater's own brewery, Golden Road Brewery, making beer!

The best part of the start of Fall? Forget the turning of the leaves, the changing of seasons – it’s Los Angeles, after all. The best part of fall is, of course, Octoberfest! And just in time for our favorite beer-filled month (including LA Beer Week), local Atwater Village brewery Golden Road Brewing is releasing its first batch of delicious local beer for all to enjoy!

Tom O’Shanter Inn just announced it has tapped the first keg of the brewery’s Hefeweizen, snagging up the first keg sold to the public. According The Inn describes the type of brew on its Facebook page: “It’s a delicious German style Hefe, brewed with honey and northern California citrus fruit. It’s yeasty, with hints of citrus on the finish.”

Golden Road Brewery is also releasing its first IPA, called “Point The Way IPA,” to hit bars this weekend. This brew is a lower alcohol content than most IPAs (5.2% compared to the usual 6.5%). LA Weekly describes the flavor as “mild with a light, fruity quality to the hops, befitting what master brewer Jon Carpenter refers to as a ‘simple, straightforward beer.'”

In addition to trying out the IPA at Tom O’Shanter Inn tonight, the IPA and Hefeweizen will be available at the following locations starting this weekend:

  • Saturday, September 24 at Tony’s Darts Away in Burbank
  • Sunday, September 25 at Mohawk Bend in Echo Park
  • Monday, September 26 at 38 Degrees in Alhambra
  • Wednesday, September 28 at Blue Palms Brewhouse in Hollywood

Golden Road Brewery will have its grand opening of the tasting room on October 16, 2011. More info TBA!

Congratulations to Golden Road Brewery for tapping their first kegs!

Golden Road Brewery is located at 5410 San Fernando Rd.

H&R Block vacates, 55 Degree Wine expanding?

A Public Hearing Notice posted recently in the parking lot of this Glendale Boulevard mini-mall indicates what we think is an expansion of our favorite Atwater Village wine & beer spot, 55 Degree Wine.

The notice for a conditional use permit, which has scheduled a hearing for Wednesday, September 21, 2011, announces that the 1,438 square-foot former H&R Block space is being transformed into a restaurant with 48 indoor seats and 32 outdoor seats. The conditional use permit will allow the sale of beer and wine only for on-site consumption from 8:00 am – midnight Sunday through Thursday, and until 1:00 am Friday and Saturday.

Andy Hasroun of 55 Degree Wine is listed as the applicant, along with the address 3105-3117 North Glendale Boulevard.

We are very excited – the wine cellar at 55 Degree Wine is a lovely, intimate setting that we frequent! We have contacted 55 Degree Wine to learn the details on what we can expect in the near future.

Send any correspondence (hint, hint, a support letter!) with the case number (ZA-2011-1677-CUB) to Jordann Turner at


Owner Andy Hasroun confirmed he is taking over the H&R Block location, which decided to vacate last March, and will transform it into a hip/artsy beer and sausage restaurant. The restaurant will have a separate name, but no decision has been made on the name yet.

They will have a couple of dozen beers from around the world on tap, starting at $6 and going up to $15 for the high-end, rare/limited beers. Also on the beer list – Tony Yanow’s latest brews from his Atwater Village brewery, Golden Road Brewing.

From the kitchen, a variety of sausages including vegan sausages (Andy wants to make sure there are plenty of options for his patrons) and lots of toppings (think Tony’s Darts Away in Burbank). Andy wants to make sure the whole menu from beer to food is affordable for all his future patrons, and is really excited to get things started.

After the public hearing next week, and following the 30-day grace period, construction of the restaurant will begin – including the installation of an exposed kitchen. He’s hoping to have everything finished up by Christmas this year!

Starting hours will be 11:00 am, serving lunch, to 11:00 pm for dinner and after dinner drinks.

And don’t worry – the 55 Degree Wine cellar will be business as usual, and may even offer the kitchen items from next door.

If you’re not familiar with 55 Degree Wine or Andy, stop by the place and say hi! He and the staff have done a great job with 55 Degree Wine, so feel free to send in your letter of support to the city for his new venture!

Atwater Village Farm bake sale on Sunday

Atwater Village Farm is having a Bake Sale tomorrow, Sunday, June 26 from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm at their store! Located at 3224 Glendale Blvd., the former pharmacy retail space promises an incredible concept for the neighborhood – a farm-to-table grocer open daily for all your fresh produce and even coffee needs.

Click here to read about the Farm from our previous post announcing the open house in May.

We also got to shoot some photos at the open house, which you can check out below:

Get the flash player here:

Atwater Village Farm could also really use the help and support of the neighborhood – in order to launch in October, they are raising “Kickstarter” money to get things going. You can donate to the great cause by clicking here. Every little bit counts!

February in Atwater Village gets you discounted tennis gear

Mark your calendar – Racket Doctor here in Atwater Village is holding its semi-annual half off sale in February. Better yet, head over there today before everyone else does!

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The Racket Doctor is located at 3214 Glendale Blvd. Phone is (323) 663-6601.