Pumpkin beers on tap for the Link N Hops Oktoberfest

Link N Hops is hosting its first-ever Oktoberfest this weekend – and the just-released tap-list has us beer-lovers excited!

Four breweries, three of which are in Southern California, will be pouring a total of ten craft beers for the festival, to be held at Link N Hops in Atwater Village on October 19 and 20. A $20-27 ticket, gets size 4 oz pours of the following brews:

Bootlegger’s Brewery:

Pumpkin Ale (limited release)
80 Anniversary (limited release)

Hangar 24 Brewery:

Oktoberfest (Fall seasonal)

New Belgium:

Pumpkick (seasonal)
Paardebloem (limited release)

Golden Road:

One Hundred & Two (limited release)
Burning Bush Smoked IPA (limited release)

Presale tickets are $10 cheaper, so we recommend buying them now before the festival!

Oktoberfest at Link N Hops
October 19 and 20, 2013
from 1-5:00 pm each day
Click here for tickets

Village Tavern set to open soon in Atwater Village

Photo via Village Tavern Instagram

Atwater Village is about to get a new bar/restaurant on Glendale Boulevard! The Village Tavern, opening hopefully very soon, will focus on craft beer and good food, and we are pretty darn excited!

Construction on the 1,774 square foot retail storefront started in May last year, and included an entire renovation of the former String Surgeon, which was part of the Racket Doctor next door. Owner Maurice Rodriguez had a decent challenge turning the space from a retail joint to a restaurant, and included re-zoning the space for a kitchen and full liquor license. They built benches along one side and a bar made of reclaimed wood on the other, and new plumbing, electrical and mechanical was also needed.

Before and after

12 taps at the Village Tavern

In the kitchen is Chef Marcel of Stop, Guac n’ Roll created a unique Mexican/BBQ fusion menu. In addition to rotating 12 taps dedicated to local and California craft beers (including Golden Road and Eagle Rock Brewery), a selection of bottles and cans will be available.

Maurice, who is a 33-year resident of Atwater Village, also brought in local artists to create two murals: One dedicated to the Red Car trolleys created by Devon Paulson, the other on the front patio a collaboration by Steven Melgar, Jorge Ruano, and Eyeone.

“I’m really excited about the direction Atwater is headed with lots of new shops popping up on the Boulevard bringing lots of excitement to my neighborhood,” Maurice said in an email, “I hope that Village Tavern will be a different and exciting new restaurant/bar experience on the Boulevard.”

Now that all the heavy lifting is about finished up, they are completing the final touches and are hoping to open in early May.

The Village Tavern accommodates 50 indoor seats and a 310 square foot outdoor patio with 22 seats, and is licensed from 11:30 am to midnight Sunday through Thursday, and 11:30 am to 2:00 am Friday and Saturday.

The new Village Tavern is located at 3216 Glendale Boulevard.

Mark your calendars: Atwater Village has a beer festival!

You may have heard… Atwater Village is getting a beer festival!

It’s a great idea, especially with all the popular craft beer locations popping up in Atwater Village and the area, including Link N Hops just last year, The Morrison, and The Village Tavern (opening soon).

This is the first year for the Atwater Village Beer, Wine & Food Festival, but certainly not the last – Andy Hasroun, who owns 55 Degree Wine and Link N Hops in Atwater Village, will be holding the festival annually. Based in the parking lot of his two businesses, the festival will have a wine and beer garden for those 21 and overs where you can sample over a dozen local and West Coast craft beers (like Eagle Rock Brewery, Tap It, Firestone, Golden Road)  and a selection of wines.

Food trucks including CoolHaus, Sam Choy’s, Munchie Machine, Me So Hungry, and Gourmet Genie (plus more) will be parked out front alongside Glendale Boulevard. DJ Poet and Delta Force from the Black Eyed Peas will be one of the performers on stage as well.

Advance tickets (food sold separately) are $30 regular admission (12 tastings), $40 for VIP tickets (24 tastings + extras), and $15 for designated driver (includes soda and sausage sandwich). Prices go up the day of, so they recommend buying your tickets in advance. Additionally, VIP tickets are running out!

The event is also sponsored by the Atwater Village Chamber of Commerce.

We are very excited to attend – see you there!

Atwater Village Beer, Wine & Food Festival
April 28 from 1-6:00 pm


Click here for tickets

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Vote for Atwater Village in round 1 of Curbed Cup

The annual Curbed Cup is back – an online competition where the website Curbed LA pegs eight neighborhoods against each other, competing for LA’s best neighborhood by vote. Atwater Village is in the first round of competition, and is up against heavy hitter Santa Monica.

While Santa Monica is a pretty big city compared to our little ol’ neighborhood, we’re confident Atwater Village will at least progress to the next round – right?

Here’s how Curbed LA describes the neighborhood:

Quiet little Atwater Village is like that duck looking all chill as he glides along the water (but not the LA River) with his legs churning wildly underneath–sure, it seems like just a good ‘hood for Sunday brunch, but there’s always some kind of action when you go looking for it. This was a very parks and parking year: the city created the Atwater Village Pedestrian Oriented District, which allows reduced parking along Glendale Boulevard, the North Atwater Park opening signaled the beginning of the LA River’s big comeback, the park under the Glendale-Hyperion Bridge broke ground(technically Silver Lake, but we’re calling it for Atwater), and even the bridge itself is getting an overhaul. Meanwhile, rents are getting up into the Silver Lake zone, actor Giovanni Ribisi moved in, and there were a handful of trendyrestaurant openings

Click here to vote. Atwater Village is currently winning with 61% of the votes, so keep it going!

Atwater Village Chamber expresses concerns over post office parking

If you’ve been to the local Griffith Station Post Office to drop off your mail the last few months, you may be in a parking lot battle that rivals any LA area Trader Joe’s.

Yet it wasn’t always like that – the post office now offers only ten parking spots after budget cuts over this summer eliminated its lease of an adjacent parking lot. Those 20 extra parking space, which was up for sale in July, are collecting dead leaves behind a fence, completely unused.

The Atwater Village Chamber of Commerce is fed up with the traffic and safety issues the lack of parking has caused, which during the busy times of the day at the Post Office causes issues on Glendale Boulevard. In a letter to Councilmember Eric Garcetti, the Chamber expresses these concerns:

The parking lot is often in a state of anarchy, with cars stopped in the red zone by the mailboxes and cars piled up on Glendale… sometimes four deep… waiting to make a right into the lot. Adding to the anarchy frustrated postal customers often idle their cars in a live lane on Glendale Blvd to post a letter. In addition, pedestrians are often caught is the crosshairs as they try to cross the Blvd to Revere St.

Something needs to be done now to address this important safety issue. The Chamber urges the immediate posting of a Traffic Enforcement Officer on site to help direct traffic and cite offenders as needed; and for the long term we urge working with the Postal Service to find a long-term solution.

Do long lines both inside and outside the local post office keep you from going there?

Two new businesses taking up shop on Glendale Boulevard in Atwater Village

Glendale Boulevard is seeing a surge of new businesses and activity in the past couple of years, what with the opening of Proof Bakery, Bon Vivant Market, Links n Hops, and more. Two more spaces are gearing up to open on the popular main street of Atwater Village, including a Boba cafe and a new music venue.

Boba Loca is taking over A Boutique for Little Tots at the lower end of street at 3121 Glendale Boulevard. The menu includes, of course, Boba, shakes, smoothies, coffee, and “slush coolers” with flavors like Honeydew. Eater LA says it plans on opening up in three months (so November or December).

Just up the street at 3149 Glendale Boulevard is Vox Populi, a “a pop up music venue” by Kaldi Coffee and Jacknife Records & Taps. Vox Populi is Latin for “voice of the people.”

MCA tribute in Atwater Village

Instagram photo via theglitchmob

It’s been just a week since Adam Yauch of The Beastie Boys passed away at the young age of 47. This tribute in Atwater Village is just outside the studio (called G-Son) where the group recorded in the 1990s (and where their third album, Check Your Head, was recorded).

Bill’s Liquor: Mix-and-Match six packs

This is a re-post from our new blogging endeavor, Girls Who Like Beer.

It looks like any other liquor store from the outside – large posters advertising the lottery, 18-pack Budweiser, and cigarette specials plastering the windows along the sidewalk. But head to the far wall inside Bill’s Liquor in Atwater Village and we’ve got ourselves a little mini beer heaven.

And we’re always on the lookout for a good deal, hence our new Friday tradition to pick up a mix-n-match six pack of microbrews at Bill’s. $9.99 per size pack (plus CRV, tax, bla bla bla) isn’t exactly the most stellar deal – it used to be $8.99 – it still gives us (and beer novices) a chance to try something we haven’t had yet, one bottle at a time. And they do rotate some of the beers to keep you on your toes.

Today we picked up a couple of Scrimshaws, Humboldt Brown, Abita Turbodog, Hangar 24 Alt-Bier, and Celis Grand Crux. The Celis Grand Crux is new to me – claiming to be authentic belgian-style ale (a bit of an oxymoron), it’s drinkable but a little too heavy on the orange peel for my tastes. On to Abita Turbo, and English brown ale and apparently a favorite of the New Orleans crew. I just can’t seem to escape the dark beers these days!

Work is just so much better with beer.

Our crystal ball says this is going to be a new trend for larger liquor stores in the area.

A great variety of refrigerated beers

The "mix-n-match" section

New forum created for Atwater Village neighborhood

The old Atwater Village Forum may be gone (including its archives, unfortunately), to the dismay of many avid users. However, one community member has created a new forum for all to use – so far, there are eight members signed up!

Click here to register on the new forum.

New concept restaurant to open in Atwater Village

Atwater Village seems to be the hoppin’ for new restaurants and businesses these days – Links N Hops just opened, Bon Vivant Market is just weeks away. Up on the northern end of Glendale Boulevard in Atwater Village, just up the street from the Post Office and before the railroad tracks, will be a new restaurant called Thank You For Coming.

But Thank You For Coming isn’t exactly your typical restaurant – let’s call it more of an experimental food spot. Owners Laura Noguera, Jonathan Robert, Jenn Su Taohan, and Cynthia Su Taopi have created a unique floor plan where diners site on one side of a shared counter, with rotating cooks on the other, to encourage everyone to interact and create art. They describe it as:

Thank You For Coming will be run in a collaborative and participatory manner, which entails that staff will rotate by means of a residency program to give citizens with varying interests, desires and skills, an opportunity to cook for the public, be a farmer, play with a space, and experiment accordingly.

Ingredients will be grown in the adjacent garden for easy access from the kitchen, and a communal table will also fill up the room for the large, family style dinners.

To get things started, they used the online fundraiser website Kickstarter, and recently reached their goal of $10,000. Thank You For Coming was also awarded a $1,000 grant by Awesome Food (a chapter of the Awesome Foundation), which will help support the “restaurant.”

They plan to open up in June at 3416 Glendale Blvd. Looking forward to trying it out!