Weird things found in the LA River: Jet Ski

Photo via KPCC

We’ve heard of kayaking the LA River, but jet skiing? Of all the weird things to find in the LA River – phone booths, cars, swords even old saunas – this one takes the cake. KPCC’s Alex Cohen found this floating along in the Atwater Village section of the LA rive, posting these photos on Friday. While the river does pick up pace at parts, it doesn’t seem like the most ideal place to catch some wicked waves.

Other items found by Friends of the LA River during its annual cleanups includes clothes, plastic film, metal, styrofoam, beverage containers, molded plastic, and glass. Plastic Film makes up the majority of items sorted at Fletcher Drive in Atwater Village. Click here to download the organizations November 2011 trash report, which provides trash information back to 2004.

Photos: Giant tree uprooted in Atwater Village

Our business in Atwater Village only lost power for 20 minutes yesterday morning, but not everyone in the neighborhood fared as well as we did. This enormous tree on Glenhurst Avenue near Silver Lake Boulevard must have made a BIG sound coming down – unfortunately a car parked on the street as well as the car parked in the driveway are still trapped underneath. The house looks better than the cars, but likely sustained a bit of damage as well. Hope everyone is safe and the city gets to work on removing the tree soon!

For those trying to clean up the pesky palm fronds that are all over the place in Atwater Village, the LA Times blog series on what you can recycle as some tips:

  • Palm tree seeds are not recyclable, and should be placed in the trash bin
  • For any palm fronds that are on public sidewalks or streets like in the photo above, dial 311 and hopefully eventually the Bureau of Sanitation/Street Services will collect them
  • Call your field deputy or council district representative if there‚Äôs a fallen tree blocking a road, driveway, etc.