Weird things found in the LA River: Jet Ski

Photo via KPCC

We’ve heard of kayaking the LA River, but jet skiing? Of all the weird things to find in the LA River – phone booths, cars, swords even old saunas – this one takes the cake. KPCC’s Alex Cohen found this floating along in the Atwater Village section of the LA rive, posting these photos on Friday. While the river does pick up pace at parts, it doesn’t seem like the most ideal place to catch some wicked waves.

Other items found by Friends of the LA River during its annual cleanups includes clothes, plastic film, metal, styrofoam, beverage containers, molded plastic, and glass. Plastic Film makes up the majority of items sorted at Fletcher Drive in Atwater Village. Click here to download the organizations November 2011 trash report, which provides trash information back to 2004.

Pictures & Responses: Atwater Village Visioning Summit

Los Angeles Neighborhood Dreams (LAND) is an initiative of L.A. City Council President Eric Garcetti. LAND participants are working through a collaborative process to identify priority projects for their neighborhoods that they will work to achieve in the next three years. Here are some responses to the event.

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Attending the Atwater Visioning Meeting was an exciting experience. We met in a unique space at the end of Casitas Ave and even though it was chilly the people inside were warm and friendly. I was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm and passion the attendees and the administrators had for their community. I am thrilled to be working in such a wonderful community

- Heather Moss-Layman, Marketing Director for Circle X Theatre at Atwater Village Theatre

I loved this day! I came representing my son’s charter school, Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts, that has recently moved into the area. It was like opening a treasure trove of connections to be at the meeting and to realize how many powerfully cool creative things are going on right around the corner from us. Can’t wait to get deeply involved in this community.

The whole facilitated dreaming together process was amazing in how quickly and clearly it allowed a clear picture of what is good and a distilled plan of action to appear organically.

I am inspired by Eric Garcetti and his team truly working on grassroots level to bring people together. I wish all politicians were working in such a genuine and insightful way.

My favorite part was to know that I’m not the only who has been riding along the river bike path and feeling how much potential it has to be an amazing place for people to enjoy. Every time I’m riding I think ‘Oh, someone oughta…’ and the meeting made realize that we can. I am thoroughly charged to get involved!

- Tish Hicks is a vibrantly involved parent at Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts and a powerful voiceover actor and teacher ( who thinks she might want to be a community organizer when she grows up.

Leave your response or ideas in the comments below. More ideas can be shared at the CD13 LAND blog or by using the hashtag #LAND4WRD on Twitter.

LA River Bike Path grand opening announced

There were quite a few delays, but the Los Angeles River Bike Path through Elysian Valley has finally got a grand opening scheduled for Saturday, December 4, 2010, reports LA Creek Freak.

The bike has undergone quite a transition over the past year and a half since groundbreaking, most notably some new asphalt (and now stripes) and some cool lighting along the path. At Fletcher Bridge in Atwater Village, the path now runs below the bridge instead of over and across a busy intersection. Check out the before and after pictures below:

Fletcher bridge before bike path. Flickr photo via Atwater Village Newbie

New underpass at Fletcher. Photo via LA Creek Freak

It would be great if they would open up the Great Heron Gateway to Rattlesnake Park at Fletcher sooner rather than later – people are having a hard time exiting the bike path with the gate locked up.

Los Angeles River Bike Path grand opening
Saturday December 4th at 12:00 noon
Location to be announced

Explore the LA River with Jenny Price

Flickr photo by peterbphoto1390

Get your tickets for:

Hidden LA: Exploring the LA River with Jenny Price from the Sepulveda Basin to Downtown.

Saturday, October 9, 2010 from 9:00 am – 3:30 pm

Adults $25, Students and Seniors $20, children under 12 $5

Get to know the true stories of the Los Angeles river, its past, present and future. Learn about revitalization, what’s happening on its banks, and maybe some more things perhaps you overlooked when driving by.

Difficult as it is for Angelenos or anyone else to believe, the Los Angeles River was once a very real flowing river, along the banks of which the city was founded. In 1781, 44 people (Los Pobladores) traveled from Sonora, Mexico to settle along its West bank. For more than 100 years, this 51 mile long river was the sole source of water for the city that grew around it.


On this tour, we’ll walk and drive along the river, as we talk about its central role in the city’s history and the necessity of the ambitious revitalization to LA’s future.

Meet at the Los Angeles River Center & Gardens at 570 W Ave. 26 where carpools will be organized. Stops include the Sepulveda Basin in the San Fernando Valley, new parks in the Glendale Narrows (across from Griffith Park), the historic Arroyo Seco confluence, the Los Angeles State Historic Park (aka the Cornfield) in Chinatown, and the industrial downtown location. Stop for lunch en route at a taqueria (or bring your own), and end the tour at a cream puff shop in Little Tokyo.

Click here to get your tickets! Buy them soon, these things always sell out!