Atwater Village Farm Market open house on Sunday!

Once a pharmacy, the retail space on the corner of Glendale Boulevard and Larga has remained empty for quite some time now. Thankfully, not only has the space been filled, but it’s looking to be a really great place!

Atwater Village Farm Market is a great concept, one that’s been popping up around Los Angeles but isn’t very common for this side of town. Promising farm-to-table market in, you guessed it, Atwater Village. While we don’t have all the details about the market itself yet, we are attending an open house tomorrow, Sunday, May 1 from noon to 4:00 pm to meet the owners and learn more about what they’re doing. (You can also check out the website, which was down earlier today but looks to be back up, and learn more about the market.)

According to the Facebook event page, we know that owner “Farmer Piper” will be at hand to meet neighbors and discuss the concept. We don’t think the store will be “open” officially, but this open house is more of an opportunity to see how we can all contribute to the opening of a sustainable, locally owned market in Atwater. There will also be treats – coffee by local roaster Cafecito Organic Coffee and pastries by local baker Susina.

This is a great idea, and hope it will be successful!

Atwater Village Farm Market is located at 3224 Glendale Blvd., at the corner of Glendale and Larga.

P.S. We also know of a farm-to-table restaurant opening at Atwater Village Crossing called ATX Eatery opening sometime soon (the website says Spring 2011). Though the new restaurant is supposed to have an on-site linear farm, perhaps they will work together! (If they aren’t already!)

February in Atwater Village gets you discounted tennis gear

Mark your calendar – Racket Doctor here in Atwater Village is holding its semi-annual half off sale in February. Better yet, head over there today before everyone else does!

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The Racket Doctor is located at 3214 Glendale Blvd. Phone is (323) 663-6601.