Atwater Village Homelessness Resources

Homeless Shelters

Ascencia is the homeless shelter most convenient to Atwater Village. They are a volunteer-driven organization offering shelter, meals, and tutoring for homeless populations in the Atwater area.

Ascencia is located at 1851 Tyburn St at the intersection of Gardana and Clyburn.

Soup Kitchens and food banks

Glendale Community Center

This is a Catholic charity that provides meals and grocery handouts. Operating as a food bank and free meal source for families in need is one of many nonprofit family services offered at the location.

Glendale Community Center is located at 4322 San Fernando Rd near the intersection of Fernando and Chevy Chase.

Low-cost groceries and supplies

The closest reliable grocery source other than Glendale Community Center is the International Families Association in Glendale, located at 820 E Maple St.

Mental and medical resources

If you are trying to direct a homeless individual to healthcare resources, Homeless Health Care Los Angeles is the best option in Central LA. There are no free clinics located within Atwater. HHCLA is located at 2330 Beverly Blvd.

Local Nonprofits

The Atwater Village Chamber of Commerce maintains an up-to-date list of local charities and nonprofits offering services like youth programs, shelter, and more.